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More lessons from children.

Once more I discovered one in the office. This time it didn’t take so long to form a bond as we’ve spoken often before. The conversation was quick, clear, and enlightening. In fact it was one of those brief encounters … Continue reading

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I Would Have Missed It

There were two heavenly bodies really bright and pretty close together in the southern sky the other night. At the time I wondered… Are they stars or planets? Actually I am not much of an “stargazer”. I remember thinking, when … Continue reading

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Ike’s Calm in Crisis

Having  been  born  in  1953  my first memory of a president was Ike. Living in Texas I was influenced by both  father  and  maternal  grandfather who  had  served  under  Eisenhower during WWII.    Interestingly enough  my  memories  of  him  are standing  on  … Continue reading

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Ready, Set, Squirt!

I spent over twenty years working with volunteer fire departments. I was even fire chief for one service, not so unusual as 5 of us took care of the equipment for the community and someone new was the chief every … Continue reading

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An Interesting Sight

I suppose you have had the same experience. I was traveling down the highway and as I made my turn down a side street I was met by something that gave me reason for hesitation. An over-sized load was approaching … Continue reading

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Too Important Not To Mention

Reflecting on what I heard those Muslim leaders say, the tension was not between a generous God and a stingy God… but between mercy that was defined and conditioned by justice (the Muslim view) and justice that was conditioned and defined by mercy (the Christian view).” Continue reading

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Stupid, Stubborn or Arrogant?

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Favorite Christmas Memories

When I was a boy my favorite Christmas was always in Sidney, TX. Christmas in Sidney was always the Saturday before the 25th because Santa couldn’t get everywhere on Christmas Eve night… obviously. Sidney Christmas was complete with a real … Continue reading

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Things I’ve learned from kids.

Being approachable is one of the most important lessons a disciple can learn. Continue reading

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Why, and more importantly… Why Now?

The photo on this page is the most important road I ever traveled. The road shaped my life, in ways I could never put words to… walking up the lane I was confused and befuddled, and when I finally left it I recognized it had prepared me to meet the world. Don’t expect to sprint down this road, the value of this journey is found in the discoveries along the way. Continue reading

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