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How to Do This….

Sorrow shared is far easier to bear than sorrow in isolation. Continue reading

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What to Do With a Hairbrained Preacher?

I was asked a question a while back by someone who was embarrassed by their preacher. I know, it is shocking and something none of you can identify with, but in other places things like this happen. Anyway, this person … Continue reading

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My Reaction to Events Surrounding Bin Laden’s Death

I’ve struggled this past week to sort emotions and reactions to the news of the military strike against Osama bin Laden’s compound in Pakistan this week. Having grown up in a family with a history of military service both my … Continue reading

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Not About Me…

I couldn’t sleep during some of the wee hours of the morning so I got up for some meditation time. As I sat in the dark living room with nothing but the quiet of the night surrounding me, I reflected … Continue reading

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