Getting Stuck

We spent a couple of nights in our motorhome in Oxford, KS last week. It rained a lot, but we spent time with good friends and enjoyed it.

While we were gone, the batteries in the thermostat in the house corroded. The thermostat stuck on… doing what thermostats do when they engage the heating/air conditioning system. We walked into the house at 67 degrees. Repairing the thermostat, we put things away and recognized that the house wasn’t really warming up any since I didn’t turn the heater on. So I watched my ball game under a blanket.

Like the thermostat, we have certain things that we are designed to do. Christians are saved by grace, through faith,… created in Christ Jesus for good works that God designed for us to walk in. I would assume, that like me, you make a conscious effort to embrace this calling of God for good things.

We talk with others about the blessings of God, we attempt to discern good from evil, embracing good while shunning evil. We use both internal and external disciplines to keep ourselves on track. Sometimes in these things we can become unwittingly stuck.

During Jesus’ day, there were those who tithed mint, dill and cumin seeds, giving every tenth one to God (a bit stuck in the details) but neglected the weightier provisions of the Law, justice, mercy, and faith. It isn’t that they shouldn’t have shared their tithes, but when our obedience doesn’t arise out of our sense of justice, mercy and faith, it has become misplaced or stuck.

Today, we can become focused on Biblical things, like observing the Lord’s Supper, or studying the Scriptures, but if we do these things without being aware of the connection to God, we are stuck. Paul cautions the Corinthians in their observance of the Supper to “discern the body”. They could not share the body and blood of Jesus if they were unaware that they were not sharing fairly with the body of Christians around them.

We are not to neglect the designs of God for our lives, however if we become stuck in our activities without remembering the “whys”, we fail to honor God.



About Checking The Mail

I am Carl Feril, a minister and Licensed Clinical Marriage and Family Therapist. I am married to Janet, who is far better than I deserve, and have two wonderful sons. CW is living in Waterloo, KS and is married to Kelly through whom I have 4 step-grandsons and 10 great-grandkids. Orrin lives here in St John and is married to Meagan, and they have Jayce and Mara. God has blessed me beyond measure and I hope to share all those blessings with others.
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